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How-to-programmer is a community which solves the how-to questions and publishes blogs of all the how-to solutions, we believe in solving problems together. How to type questions are the most common type of questions in the community of programmers and whenever we search results for how-to  questions we get many alternate answers but here we give you all the solutions which can be used in any condition.

Mission & Vision

The mission is always clear, Helping beginners and boosting the career of the intermediate by solving their problems and guiding them in the right direction of their career.  Programming is one of the best choices as a career and it can be a hobby as well. We just want to help programmers so that they can save their time and channelize their energy. Use your programming for the welfare of the planet.

Not Only Programming, our team consist of members of every field we write blogs related to penetration testing (hacking ), technology, Seo. We are here to help for free.

The Address is 
in the logical brains of programmers
in the problems of programmers
Tel: 1BD034096( in hexadecimal)
pincode:111100100011001000(in binary)
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