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How To Become Programmer

Updated: Jul 6

Programming is the most demanded skill of this century because this skill enables you to run the world at your fingertips and when it comes to career option this is the best for any student you don't need any kind of particular major subjects, some people say that you need good maths for becoming a good programmer but that is not true until or unless you are going to that kind of field in programming like Artificial intelligence, Machine learning stuff.

Actually programming is like a Superset, Programming has many types as you can be an application developer, a backend programmer, frontend developer, a data scientist, and more all of these either comes under programming or related to programming.

So you must be specific to choose a particular kind of programmer.

Step 1: Choose the Programming branch

Yes as I have said earlier also that you should first know what type of programming field you like the most it can be any, it can be the development part, can be full-stack, can be a backend programmer, can be a front-end kind of programmer. So take your time it's all upon your interest and ease of learning. You can not be good at all at the same time but you can be good at all at a particular time(deep).

So choose the Branch and follow the steps below to become a programmer.

Step 2: Choose A language to get in the field

Now after choosing the branch, you have to choose a programming language which is great for your kind of programming for example if you're doing app development then you can start with Java or Kotlin (for android) and swift for IOS also you can use react native for both so it's all up to you what language you want to learn. just choose one language at a moment and start with that. There are also many kinds of programming languages like scripting, markup, object-oriented and more.

Step 3: Setup Your Environment

Setting up your environment means that you should choose the hardware and software that suits best for your kind of programming generally most of the programming languages do not need good hardware they can run even on 1gb ram but some fields do need good hardware like AI, Machine learning, app development stuff.

Apart from hardware the software you need also depends on the language you have opted for, there are different types of software for different programming languages but the one that supports the most is VISUAL STUDIO CODE(supports all os) also XCODE(for MAC users).

if you want to know how to set up the environment for any programming language you can comment down.

Step 4:Where to start from(where to get the source to study)

Now you have selected your field and programming language and you also have a good setup, there are many questions asked on Reddit and other forums like "where should I study programming language from should I take Bootcamp courses or not or should I take any other online courses when I am starting from scratch ????" and so on and there are conditional answers to these kinds of questions i.e if you are starting from scratch then believe me you don't need any starting boot camps you can do it on your own by taking help of google and youtube. There is no need to purchase an online course that teaches programming from starting you can buy later when you get into advanced level but no need when you are a beginner.

The official documentation of the programming languages is most preferred which you can find on their official websites, they are good for a beginner because they tell you everything that their programming language can do.

And if you are a book lover then you can go for HEAD FIRST TITLE BOOKS those books have the best explanations, books like "Head First Java", "Head First Python" and more you can buy them or you can also get their free pdf online.

Step 5: Just keep going

Every programmer or every beginner faces this problem they start but they are not able to provide consistency to their field. "Either do the thing you love or love the thing you do" it applies to all, if you are doing programming unwillingly then also you can be good at it because it always requires hard work and more will power to do something you don't love than to do something you love and programming is not that kind of skill that is more entertaining it always requires your full attention but you can find fun if you take programming in fun way.

The biggest challenge for a programmer is to sit in front of a computer without an internet connection for long hours just to read the pdf and books of the programming and hit and try all the codes, without an internet connection because an internet connection can be an excuse and can also divert your mind towards social media platforms.

To make programming more challenging you can visit sites where programming challenges are organized or you can make small applications for your use or you can also automate boring stuff using programming the main thing is that programming needs your creativity it is more like a powerful tool which can be used for doing anything in the tech era.

Step 6: Levels of Programming

Are there levels in programming?? you know what this is the most underestimated question in programming because no one can answer it perfectly, the answer varies according to person by person and language by language but here is the most general structure of levels of


Beginner: if you have started from variables if-else statements loops and arrays kinds of stuff and also some function kind of stuff then you can say that you are a beginner programmer in that particular language.

Intermediate Level: when you are very good at the array, functions, and recursion, concepts of OOP and if needed also data structures and algorithm and made some projects using these concepts then you are an intermediate level programmer.

Advance Level: It is the level where you don't need to go through the syntax of that particular language and you have built real projects that are used by daily users or are good for doing some stuff or specific functions then you are at the advanced level.

But remember one thing "You can never master any programming language you can be very best at it but cannot call yourself master because programming languages get updated every year or month. They come up with new versions and new frameworks." And don't even try to master because reaching an advanced level is more than sufficient.

Start Step By Step

Where to find help if you need:

there are communities for every programming language you can join them and ask your query there and even if I will not tell you these sites you will find them these are StackOverflow and Reddit here also you can find most of the answers related to programming.

if you want a quick and specific answer to your questions you can discuss the question in our forum and can also mail us.

Additional Tips:

if you love data structures and algorithms and if you want yourself to be more good at competitive programming or if you are preparing for a programming interview you can visit some of these famous sites: they are Leetcode, Hacker-rank, Hacker-earth, Code-chef.

if you have any questions related to programming as a career or any part that is discussed above you can leave a comment or you can mail us.


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