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How To Earn Money By clicks

Updated: Jul 6

Make 1 to 10$ per click

How to earn money online just by getting click?

Hello, friends middle-class-programmer here Today I am here with a new trick by which you can only get paid from 1 to 10 $ per click. You might be thinking that it is not possible, and you may have searched it online also several times about how to make money online. Today I will show you a legitimate way to make money by just creating people click only on the ad, and you can earn somewhere up to 1 to 10 $.

So you might be thinking, is it possible or not? Why would someone pay money for just clicking on the advertisements?

you know what it is likely because many newborn companies which are known as the startups pay people at starting just for making their name on the internet and it is not a new thing, you know what SHOPIFY did this when they were starting as an eCommerce store builder website.

Shopify paid just for making someone signup to their website 50bucks even if the person doesn't buy the Shopify plan at that time, even in India also when Flipkart came up they provided cash on delivery for free. The main motive of doing this is making the name in the industry that is building the brand in commerce.

This is known as affiliate marketing when you work as a third person between the company and a buyer, and the company pays you a commission when the person buys their product but not in this case. You have to make people click on the link or the ads. So I think till now you may have agreed to the fact that this stuff is possible so how you can do it.

So which company will pay you for getting the clicks Today? Don't worry. I have searched for a website for you. The site named Creative Live is new, or you can say startup which hosts many online courses. Yes, you can say that it is more like udemy, but it has courses in every field, and the number of courses it has is way more than udemy. Many Big companies have funded it, companies like Microsoft, Redbull.

Now where to start from :

Step 1

you have to go to the homepage of the website I will leave the description at last of the post also.

When you go to the site, it will be like this :

Step 2: Go down to the website and click on become an affiliate.

Step 3:

Now, you will be redirected towards the Share A Sale affiliate website, and there you can see the real affiliate program just as shown in this picture.

Step 4: Sign up to the website

Now, as you sign up to the website, you will see that you need a website to make or if you already have a website, then you should put that on the column.

After signing up for the website, wait for their approval once you got the approval, then you can refer to your friends, and get 10$ each referral if they have a website too.

What are the chances of getting approved?

For getting approved, your site must have a decent amount of traffic, or it can also be a youtube channel or anything which makes you an influencer.

The next question arises you cannot apply since you have no website or blog.

You can make a website online and also you make it for free just visit bloggers to make a blog and share it on the Whatsapp groups.

And If you don't know how to make a free blog or if you want to make a website in less than 15$ then you can contact us. if you want to learn to make a website by using your own programming skills then sign up to our website.

If you want more money-related hacks then make sure to signup to our website and if you want to learn hacking or programming or you have any questions related to tech you can email us or ask us on forums section.


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