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How To Install Kali Linux (Blog#2)

Updated: Jul 6

Why Install Kali Linux?

Kali Linux is the best OS(Operating System) for penetration testing or what you call hacking. Kali Linux is generally an upgraded version of backtrack Linux distribution; all the pen-testers or hackers mostly prefer it. And believe me, I think it is best for script kiddies and also for intermediate hackers because advance hackers can do it on any Linux distribution. Kali Linux contains most of the best tools in the market, and all the tools are available for free. Also, Kali Linux has done partition of all the tools in such a way that you can even relate them with phases of hacking that I discussed in my previous blog.

So here I am, you host Mr. Coder, and today in this blog, I am going to show you how you can install kali Linux on both virtual and physical machines. This trick is the same for every device. If you want me to create a blog on how to install Linux on any mobile, then comment below.

What are the other benefits of install Kali Linux?

Since Kali Linux is used by very less amount of people, therefore, the hackers do not make viruses for Linux distribution, which automatically makes it less vulnerable.

Since kali Linux is an open-source OS, that means you can contribute to it. You can make your script and run it on kali automating all the kinds of stuff, all of that is very easy to do in Linux.

So Let's start the process.

Step 1: Download Kali Linux

The first step is downloading Kali Linux. You cannot install something which you don't have, and you may need 3Gigabytes of data to download. (download Linux from here you can download base 64 Linux)

2. After you have downloaded Linux now, you have to make a bootable device. You can use either pen drive, flash drive, cd, or even hard drive.

How to make a Kali Linux bootable drive?

Step 1: You have first to download a USB bootable making software, you can choose anyone there are many of them out there, it can be Rufus or Unetbootin or universal USB installer. Download any one of them; here I have shown it using Unetbootin. (download from here)

Download only of your Operating System.

Step 2: Now just install the software and open it when you will open it you will find a window like this:

Step 3: Select the disk image Option

Step 4:Browse the Kali Linux image which you have downloaded

click open and then pursue to next step.

Step 5: Select the USB drive which you want to make bootable

Here I have no selected the drive but you have to select that pen drive or flash drive which you want to make bootable and then click ok.

Note: sometime it may ask you to format your USB drive either by NTFS or by Fat-32 you can choose any one of them don't get panic.

after the Pendrive is made bootable pursue the next step.

Step 6: Now restart Your Computer/Laptop

open the boot menu of your device and select boot from Pendrive if you don't know how to open boot menu then you can email us or can search it for internet just provide the model name of your device in the contact form.

Step 7: Installation of Kali Linux

Now when you will boot the Pendrive you will see this on your screen

Click on the Graphical installation(if you want to know about why other options are there you can ask in the forum)

select your country and all that stuff you know that because it is all English and click continue.

Now, this step is important because here many of the users get problem because it shows can't detect drive or installation media.

Step 7: Detecting media

At this moment immediately remove your pen drive and plug it again quickly.


if you still face problems at this stage please contact us.

Step 8: Enter your user name or host name (i prefer root and it is recommended)

Step 9:Enter Password:Root Password is important because it enables you to do everything on your distribution

Step 10:Makin Parition on your hard drive.

Choose All the files in one partition

click on continue and now you have to do partition of your disk

select the partition of your hard drive where you want to install Linux and the click on finish partitioning and write changes to disk and continue.

Now it will ask you to are you sure or not and you should click yes but do make sure that you have selected the right drive.

After that it will ask you to configure the network package manager

you can click no or yes according to your preference but my advice is to click no. click continue

It Will ask you to install a grub boot loader which means the startup screen just after the boot menu and you must click yes to it.

and then continue and wait until it gets completed.

you have completed the installation.

Now you can remove your Pendrive and restart your pc.

Thanks for reading the blog we have started this hacking series for beginners just join our community so that we can grow. if you faced any problem just send us the picture and we will guide you personally.

If you want me to write blogs on your problem then you can comment down or can ask on the forum page.


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