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Phases Of Penetration Testing/Steps In Pentesting(Blog #1)

Updated: Jul 6

Hacking, one of the fascinating terms in the tech industry when I was a teenager, I was very fascinated by watching how movies show hacking terminals, only seeing two terms access granted access denied, movies like Matrix, Die Hard 4 was my favourite. As I grew up, I started learning about how to become a hacker, searching on youtube and google all the time. You know what no one tells you about becoming a hacker because hacking does not come by watching youtube videos online or searching for on google. Hacking is an experience that comes from exploring many technical fields. For example, if you want to hack a website, then you should know about website development first.

Whenever someone asks me about how to hack anything, I tell them that it is simple to hack anything. But, first, you should know two things about the target one is flaw/bug, and the second thing is how you can exploit the flaw or the bug.

Today I am going to share with you how I became a professional hacker, And How you can become a hacker by using this blueprint.

I am going to tell you everything within these two terms, searching for the flaw and exploiting them.

Now let us now take an example, you want to hack into your friends pc or mobile. They are both on the same network.

The first thing you will do is to get the most of the details about your friends' device, whether it is IOS or Android that's where foot-printing and reconnaissance comes.

1.Footprinting and Reconnaissance:

yes, here I refer to footprints but not the real-life footprints I am talking about the digital footprints, and it can be anything that is available about your target online gather that information and put them together as a note because that will help you a lot later. We will be discussing each of them later and in very depth.

How can You do footprinting? There are many tools in Linux and opensource tools that help you to get the information about the devices on your network.

Some of them are Nmap, Metagoofil, and don't worry, as here I am just writing the process. We have just started the blogs, and we will be doing every procedure in-depth on how every tool can be mastered how Linux is installed and all that stuff.

If you want me to write about any tool you can comment below, I will give you the best explanation and tools information.

Let's continue with the example, as per now you have collected the general information about your friend's device by footprinting, and now you have to scan the device, that's where the scanning phase comes in hacking.

2.Scanning :

Scanning is an essential part of hacking because this is where you find vulnerabilities and open ports that can be used to access the device of a person or an organization.

Scanning performed to identify the open ports of a device. Ports are the close doors through which the device can communicate over the Internet. In real life, you can break through a door, and you can smoothly go through an open door, then why not in the virtual world. The only thing you have to find the open port which can be used to enter into victim device

Vulnerabilities are referred to the flaws which programmers by mistake forgot to debug in an application or operating system, and if you know about these vulnerabilities then you can exploit those vulnerabilities you can scan for vulnerabilities by using many tools like Nessus, burp suite and more, there are also websites on Internet which provide daily updates about vulnerabilities found, A hacker must be updated with all the vulnerabilities, and as a hacker, you must be good at finding vulnerabilities in a system,

Many hackers are rewarded for finding bugs in the system of organization or websites is known bug bounty.

But if you are very good at finding bugs, you have the most advantage over others because it is a very high skill in the hacking arena.

Scanning is a great process which can be used by anyone in the technical field much time the network admins and system admins generally use this process to find out flaws in the networks and systems.

And always remember this, a flaw is not only in devices it can also be inhuman, for example, but you have also asked your friend to make a call as you have forgotten your phone at that point your friend is vulnerable too because you can use that time to install a malicious app which can be used to gain access.

Let us assume you have found a vulnerability either in your friend or in his device, and you have all the necessary at this stage you are ready with all your weapons to break into your friends' device. And breaking into someone's system is referred to as gaining access.

3. Gaining Acess.

Now, this is the most exciting phase of hacking because here is what you need and what you all worked for. Gaining access is not an easy task, but you can gain it in several ways and every circumstance. You can hack your victim wired wireless, on LAN(Local Area Network) or WAN(Wireless Area Network) or over the Internet.

You might be thinking about how to gain access, and that is a vast topic again, which we will be discussing in more detail later. But for now, you have to know that there are two ways for gaining access one is wired/physical, and the other is wireless.

In case of physical, you need to manipulate the victim to get access, whereas, in case of wire, you need excellent programming knowledge and believe me, the best way is manipulating the victim because, in this case, you have confirmation about everything.

We will discuss gaining access in-depth in upcoming blogs, so stay connected to our community.

Now since you have accessed the device, what if your friend switches off his device or restarts? In both cases, you cannot reaccess the device, and that's where the need for the next step comes into play that is maintaining access to the device you hacked.

4. Maintaining Access:

It can be considered as a security measure from the hacker side because it is very tedious hacking the same device, again and again, and also sometimes it is not even possible to hack someone, so you have to find a way to hack once and gain access whenever you want, and that's where maintaining access comes into play. Whenever you gain access to any device, you must first install a rootkit or a backdoor, which enables you to enter the device whenever you want.

A rootkit is generally software that is installed for gaining persistence access and works on the backend of the system without being visible to the user.

Now You have done everything that you hacked your friend. You can steal his passwords to read his messages copy his images. Now the last phase is generally used when you are doing it on a high-level risk, or I would suggest that you should do this always.

5.Clearing tracks:

It includes clearing all the details that are generated in a device whenever someone logs in the system. Remember whenever you access the device logs are generated in the system, and that is by default, so you have to clear all that, and clearing tracks is a phase which you have to keep in mind in all the phases like when you're physically accessing the device you must not leave your prints. It would help if you always used high-quality VPN, All the things which make you anonymous comes under this phase.

Remember, hacking is not always about typing commands on the terminal of the black-green screen; it is mostly about knowing your victim finding the flaw and then exploiting the flaw It is the basic principle of hacking.

This was all from my side. If you have any doubts, you can comment below. If you want me to write a blog on your problems, then you can send us an email or follow me in the member section to talk to me in person, I will clear your doubts and problems.

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I am MrCoder.

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